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Scrunchies Rock!

I only have 2 though. Wa wa wa. I have a yellow one and blue one. The yellow one is kind of dirty but the blue one is clean and fuzzy. The yellow one is not fuzzy and made of plain cloth. The Mr. Sisk class is a very serious scrunchie club that consists of people wearing multiple scrunchies down their right and left arms. If you want to join, call the head derector Ruby at 911. For more info from me, dial 972-972-972. The scrunchie club is a very fun club with lots of particpants. But there is always room for more. We have meatings in Mr. Sisks class Monday to Friday from 8:35 to 3:00. JOIN NOW ! We also ask for donations. Call me at 972-972-972 if your willing to donate. Once again that's 972-972-972. Thank you!

11/4 This Wednsday we will be giving out coplimentry scrunchies to the members of the scrunchie club. We have abot ten members at the moment. If you want a complimentry scrunchie, join now!

I know I said scrunchies will be handed out on Wednsday, but plans changed and we have stared handing them out today. Sorry for any inconvience.